Sunday 18 December 2022

Wizkid - Ghana

 This was not a pleasant experience.

Wizkid didn't show up and I found myself in the middle of a small scale riot in a Stadium in Accra at 4am.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Avant Garde Dance

 Last time out this year with the AVD company.
I make pressing play look easy - (maybe it is)

Friday 4 November 2022

What The Floyd - Petersfield - Wantage - Castleford


A 4 year flashback to that time when I used to do the lights for these guys..
I'd only asked if I could go on the guest list, next thing I know I am here again wondering why nothing works

Saturday 29 October 2022

Illegal Dance - Avante Garde Dance Company - Yeast


The UK shortage of skilled ops pushed my name up to the top of the list for this one.
Just as well as it was far from easy dealing with the complicated system.

But tbh, I really enjoy the show, it's profound and wild.

The Greatest Show -almost


Lots of last minute heavy lifting to get this one up and running, but run it did.
20 minutes, 6 projectors and way too many pixels. Blimey

West Quay Southampton.
Client EMF

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Monday 22 August 2022

Up on the Roof

A structural survey of the Breathing Memorial at the BBC had me all dressed up like the Village People for some high rise rope access...

Client EMF

Fiddling about on set


A two day shoot for some chap called FaceSoul over in the darkest east of Silvertown

Saturday 23 July 2022

Horse Boat

 Fancied a change so I am now Helmsman/Tillerman and occasional Horse Wrangler on the Kennet and Avon

Projection Redux - directors cut.


I'm occasionally back out doing the odd projection job

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Now with added projections

 Given up working on the river for a while to concentrate on honing my projection skills, which have sat idle for far too long..

Thursday 17 March 2022



Projection onto a wind turbine in Wales for EMF.

I'm now on first name terms with the local sheep