Monday 26 December 2016


I think, in retrospect, the two biggest things that happened to me in 2016, were almost identical.

I was hurtling down the M4 on my motorbike, when what looked like the handlebars of a bicycle fell off the back of the skip lorry 100 yards in front of me.. They bounced chaotically towards me at 80mph,  their irregular shape making it impossible to tell where they would go next.
With only seconds before impact, all I could do was keep my cool, knowing that one wrong move would mean disaster.

A few months later - 
I was in the pit at the end of the Chic performance putting up the cameras and Nile Rodgers gestured to me how to get down from the stage - I indicated over by the side. Instead, he launched himself off the downstage edge into my arms… Again I had to keep my cool, knowing that if I dropped him, I would for evermore be known as the guy responsible for the death of disco…

Here’s to another year of cool under pressure!

Monday 12 December 2016

ultra widescreen

Very happy am I, with the new widescreen projection system I created for The Orb

Friday 2 December 2016

Big projections

Two days in a photo studio on an aftershave shoot featuring a very, very famous ex-footballer and me and two 30k Barcos... Of course the insurmountable problems from the screen bowing in the middle were all sorted in due course by your's truly