Saturday 27 September 2014

Tomato Factory - Santorini

A perfect venue at a holiday island, but dreadful weather pushed the gig back a day. All the same, deepvisual & long term cohorts Insight Lighting delivered a flawless projection onto the old Tomato Factory at Vlicharda Beach, Santorini..
As you can see below, a good line up slide takes all the hard work out of projection mapping.

I had spent most of my time there wondering where the volcano was, so you can imagine my surprise when the plane finally took off and I saw the 12km wide Caldera of which the whole of Santorini is a small part of.

Monday 8 September 2014

Product launch - Lagos Nigeria

16 screens amid the chaos of an African TV show. One of the  projectors failed 5 minutes before showtime and we had a replacement up, working and mapped within 15 mins...
My first time working with Arkaos Media servers.. can't see me rushing out to buy one anytime soon, but they work and that's what counts...