Sunday 27 December 2020

2020 - Greatest Hits..

Sadly, like most people in showbiz there wasn't much in the way of great achievements for deepvisual in 2020.
Beyond having Covid in Jan and not even knowing what it was.
If anything special happens, I'll let you know.

Friday 18 December 2020

The Orb - live

Back with my boys for a live stream event.
Oh how I've missed my job...

Special guest appearance by Stuart Warren-Hill on live holograms

Thursday 10 December 2020

Back on set

Back on dry land for a promo video shoot.
Even got to use my IPAF.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Diwali 2020


No audience, but Diwali goes ahead in Central London

client EMF

Friday 6 November 2020

Wind Turbine

Finally got a gig - Projecting a poppy onto a wind turbine in the middle of a cow field in Leicestershire. 

client EMF


Sunday 1 November 2020


 What you might call a bit of a show-stopper.
England is now closed until further notice.

Sunday 18 October 2020

23 weeks later...

My 35 year career, like a bubble floating on water, was there and then it was gone..

I've currently got two projects confirmed. One has the lead performer unable to attend indefinitely due to a serious health issue, the other is on the brink of being shut down by Covid regulations..

Oh my..

Saturday 4 July 2020

Boat Life - Serengi

No more Adelante as we swap being narrow-minded for something a little wider in scope..

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Boat life

Back on Adelante for the summer.
I even found some Liverworts.

Saturday 23 May 2020

VDMX based video synthesiser

Dug out an old unfinished project and finished it..
I'll be using this a lot as it has waveclock built in.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Godzilla - MIA

Sadly, my ToysRUs Godzilla that I bought in Fukuoka on my first visit to Japan over 20 years ago has now been missing for 6 months.
Godzilla came to every gig with me for 2 decades or more. As well as protecting my equipment while I was at lunch, Godzilla also doubled as a sound level indicator - if it was too loud, Godzilla would fall over..
Last seen prior to my moving out of the last house. Hopefully now living on Monster Island..

Sunday 26 April 2020

Almost work -

Live streaming - well until it was blocked by FB. Isn't technology wonderful

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Pandemia-one month in

Dear Diary.
Today I put the cat out. Except I don't have a cat.
My offer to return to the NHS has so far not been taken up, which isn't such a bad thing tbh, given the risks involved. All the same I was a little disappointed, having drummed up the courage in the first place. I still have regular nightmares about that job. I can't even bring myself to say it's name. It's always the same dream, just in a different place. I've gone back to resume work, though I didn't really want to. It's disgusting and grim, just like it always was. I rarely feel any relief when I finally wake up, as even waking life is just a special kind of dream, just a way of delaying the inevitability of it all.
The upside of being a fully qualified medical technician is that I have little to no worry about catching anything. I learned the hard way how not to touch my face with my hands. That and the fact that you can only catch a contagion if it's there. Figures are still very low in this part of the country, not that you can trust them at all.
As for what's left of my career, there is almost nothing. Even when we come out the other side, while there will still be plenty of freelancers, it's highly likely that all the major events companies will have gone under. I guess we just have to wait and see. but that's what we do best. Waiting and seeing.

Monday 16 March 2020


it looks like everyone who works in Showbiz is going to have some down time this spring..

I might even go back to work for the NHS, but let's see...

Monday 9 March 2020

Birmingham - Digifest

The oddest thing just happened. The client was talking to some guys who were doing some interactive holographic video and they were telling him about this legendary bloke in the industry who is like a mentor to people who everyone looks up to. The client said to them, “come over here and I’ll introduce you to him” and he brought them over to me. 
I’m quite overwhelmed tbh.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Video video

Desk Op on a promo in Clapton.
We lost an hour over the in-ears.
I still don't understand why

Friday 31 January 2020

It's National Gorilla Suit Day

It's National Gorilla Suit Day
There is also something else going off today, not sure I can remember what it is..

Friday 24 January 2020

8 days in the dark

Desk Op for a very long shoot.
I've spent literally days watching strangers eat popcorn

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Hawk Kings

Promo for The Orb.

I had this dream a few years back about the renowned Astro-Physicist Stephen Hawkwind

Thursday 9 January 2020

Back on Set - Black Island Studios

Another early morning/late night doing projection and playback with yet another NDA.

After what happened this week, I think I actually earned a cold beer .