Thursday 20 December 2018



Breakfast TV and tbh I've been awake at 2am every night this week so it wasn't such a big deal to get up and go into London to do a projection on the ITV studio for Good Morning Britain.

Client EMF

Saturday 8 December 2018

The End of The End

Finally, we come to the end of The Orb's 30th Anniversary Tour.
Melkweg Amsterdam and I am reminded of earlier times when I came here 40 years ago to another world, of late flower power freedom and psychedelia.
The gig was preceded by a showing of Lunar Orbit - the documentary where I get a 
1⁄3rd of a second walk on part and you get to see the back of my head..
The glamour of it all.
Anyway, it looked great, if I do have to say so myself.

Photo: Wouter Bessels