Saturday 27 April 2013

Promo Videos

Work in the film industry is invariably top end, but with big budgets comes long hours and high pressure. Directors are used to being surrounded by highly skilled professionals with a can do attitude, so you'll make yourself few friends if you keep a crew of 50 waiting while you re-render the files that are often provided for playback. 
Thankfully as well as being a core component of live visuals, Modul8 is an ideal tool for fine tuning projections in real-time and with projection spilling out into everywhere, its no surprise that high power projectors are now popular methods for providing instant backdrops on film sets. While deepvisual have been working as projectionists on films for many years,  recently we've also  been asked to provide playback as well, in the form of versatile and instantaneous video manipulation via the magic of Modul8. Directors can now have video parameters tweaked instantly to their requirements.
LT clip control module is invaluable for this particular kind of work, enabling accurate cueing, pause and playback all in one panel.. no more setting the playback speed to zero to pause a clip. You'll find a MIDI controller handy too. The Korg Nano comes with me to every gig.
One thing the DOP will be needing is a scan rate from the projector that matches the frame rate on the camera. This isn't as easy as it sounds as the conventional refresh rates of computer monitors and projectors create horrific scan lines on projected footage in camera.
If you find yourself using adult projectors like the Christie Roadsters, you can set the EDID out to camera friendly rates such as 1080 25p, otherwise you'll be needing the services of a DVI parrot or my personal favourite, the Kramer EDID recorder. Failing that, you can always fall back on SwitchResX.
Another very important thing to remember is to read the call sheet before you turn up and make a point of learning the first names of everyone on set. That way you'll fit into the production family like a long lost friend, which will come in really handy when you need help lifting the projector onto that scissor lift..

photo - Stereophonics - Rewind 

Sunday 21 April 2013


Working overseas is never quite what you expect it to be and our multi-projector show in Abqaiq, 60 miles out in the great sand desert of Saudi Arabia certainly was anything but routine.
From hoards of Termites eating the MDF projector stands, to bolts of lightning from the heavens, to the theft of much of the video infrastructure, it was challenge after challenge. Of course, it goes without saying that deepvisual rose to the occasion and delivered a perfect  show. 

Sunday 7 April 2013

The Orb - Brixton Electric

A spectacular evening's entertainment to a packed house with The Orb on tip top form playing their first two albums live.
Technically a very challenging day for deepvisual, but an absolute joy to be able to work the seeming endless possibilities coming from the combination of Modul8, Resolume, Syphon, onstage PTZ cams and the mighty Vixid..
It was through the doors of The Fridge that I wheeled my very first flight case all those years ago and the day was a tumble of memories, all of them good. Twenty odd years later, a zillion shows and a half century of countries worked in, it was good to be back home.