Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Projection Mapping Pioneers

Given the massive explosion of Projection Mapping its hard to imagine a time when this specialised technique was all but unknown outside of a small circle of specialists. If you try Googling for "3D Projection Mapping" you won't find anything earlier than 2007.
deepvisual started doing Projection Mapping in 1993, quickly innovating the ponderous techniques that French companies were using for architectural projection into a simple and effective way of preparing images - at that time large format slides- for projection onto buildings..

of course deepvisual didn't invent Projection Mapping, but we did single-handedly make it accessible to the whole world by posting two videos on youtube in 2007, explaining our unique method for accurately aligning projected imagery to objects. From that small beginning Projection Mapping has snowballed into a global phenomenon.

deepvisual projection mapping Taejon Expo 1993

more on deepvisual and the history of Projection Mapping

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